Conexões B2B

We Generate Leads in Healthcare - B2B Connections

We connect Hospitals, Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies, Startups and Other Healthcare Starters, ensuring highly qualified Leads.

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Market Analysis, Business Repositioning and Strategic Planning

We generate highly qualified leads. To turn them into signed contracts, it is often necessary to rethink the business model or strategy of action. H.Health has the tools to help your company.



In an increasingly digital world, brands must be prepared to make real connections. We have combined efforts and a team with great experience in healthcare marketing to make your brand recognized and valued.


Engaging users to Digital Platforms

We bet on innovation and technology as a way of evolution of the Brazilian Healthcare System.

But there is a huge challenge for every digital platform: we specialize in engaging users in management and monitoring solutions, collaborating for resource optimization, disease prevention and health promotion.

One world, many connections, immense possibilities: H.Health Brazil